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A deadly party



sat 18 nov
9 pm


Ancienne Poste
[Rue Marie-Anne-Calame 5, 2400 Le Locle]


Free entrance
[age: +12]

The hare of Pripyat - Cie Deylco [FR]
At 9 pm (length: 1h)

«We had the strange sensation that this would be our last cool weekend, so we decided to enjoy it... And we went to the supermarket take beers ... Deep down we thought: Never mind, Myriam comes. The rest? We don't give a shit... we go camping, we will make a fire, we will sing, we will drink and we will see what will happen Monday ... Yeah, that's it, we'll see Monday.»

Thirty years after the Chernobyl disaster, the sun still shines, everything seems calm but the particles continue to radiate ... By mixing the intimate and the political, the small and the big story, Cie Deylco explores our contemporary disenchantment face to nuclear tragi-comedy.

Conception and staging: Julia Dreyfus - Co-écriture: Gilles Perrault - With: Lucie Clerc, Julia Dreyfus, François Dumont, Mathieu Guillaume, Tony Martorano, Julien Toinard - Lights creation: Claire Michoux


Lost songs - Radium City
Gonzo & Wonkeyman [CH]

Radio play + concert
At 10:30 pm (lenght radio play: 1h , lenght concert: 1h)

«A dilapidated flamenco solo that could very well resonate in a field of ruin, the tocsin of a steeple sounds followed by the sound of a weapon that is reloaded and a shot. Then comes the energetic rock'n'roll riff of «All you need is war».
Journal du Jura (February 2017)

«This duo from French-speaking Switzerland has made it their specialty to publish Dadaist and thematic albums that use the art of humor and misalignment. These artists tackle the war and passes several iconic musical songs to the punky-folk moulinette.»
Rock & Folk, France (march 2017)

«This band understood that it was necessary to vary the tones to atomize cranky people... Until a fool press the button.»
La Liberté (february 2017)

Conceptors and interpreters: Alain Meyer, Stéphane Ballmer


6th season

Every year since 2011, hundreds of people enjoy various free events organized by Luxor Factory.
Fête de la Musique, theater, visual arts, literature... The sixth cultural season will be marked by eclecticism and always animated by the desire to allow the public to discover talents from elsewhere. Swiss French and German, French, Italian and Ukrainian, artists who reside in 2017 in Luxor Factory will offer shows throughout the year.

The Association Luxor Factory in brief

Founded in 2011 in Le Locle (in Switzerland, canton of Neuchâtel), Luxor Factory is a nonprofit organization that considers the artistic creation as an universal vector of meetings and innovations. By anchoring the project in a peripheral region of Switzerland (near the french border), Luxor Factory apprehends the world as an infinite territory of expression.
To promote the mobility of artists and cultures from diverse backgrounds and cultural synergy between the Neuchâtel Mountains and the international art scene, Luxor Factory offers free hosting to foreign creators interested by a residence and a work-room for a maximum period of six months. Preference will be given to foreign professional artists.
More than a home-workshop, the structure offers to its hosts opportunities to discover cultural and social realities of the region, to create links with local artists, cultural actors and, of course, the population. This type of interaction helps to promote the assets of the region. The term "cultural exchange" takes its full meaning.

Aims of the association:

  • Host professional artists in Le Locle, inside the building that was the Luxor watch factory (a world heritage site classified by UNESCO).
  • Develop and animate the cultural scene through multicultural events offered free to the public.
  • Create synergies between the residents and the various regional cultural actors.
  • Develop projects based on regional issues (time, geographical, political, economic and social, etc.).
  • Ensure the management, the viability and the sustainability of the project by constant searches for financial support (sponsoring and subsidies).
  • Increase the visibility of the association through appropriate communication tools (website, printed, social networks, media, swiss network "Artists in résidence.ch, etc.).
  • Highlight the Mountain Heritage.
  • Support the hosts by wishing to see them glad when they leave the place... And give them the opportunity to come back!

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